Bitcoin 1

Where Does He Get Its Value ?


Bitcoin is not just a virtual currency. And its valorization is not based on a simple synthetic imaging made by computers. It represents the invention of the Ledger technology, more commonly known as the “Blockchain”. This technology makes it possible to list all transactions entering or leaving its network in a completely decentralized register. 


This same computer registry is immutable, i.e. it is technically impossible to hack into it in order to try to modify its content. The encodings that constitute it are among the best security encodings in the world (SHA-256). 


Beyond its flawless IT security, its value will continue to grow over time, as the creation of the number of its digital tokens is limited to a total of 21 million. Currently, there are more than 17 million of them created. 


This currency does not represent the investment fund of any entity or state. It is the first of its kind to have been developed to meet a 2.0 financial need that was difficult to establish on the web. 

The Internet has made it possible to break down the barriers of knowledge, the blockchain will make it possible to break down the economic barriers of the worldwideweb.


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