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market trend currency

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of currencies

Receive a document summarizing

a group of trendy currencies 


Receive the market situation, the 

important changes to come or even possible interesting embryonic projects.


Crypto-Advice carries out research across these various fields, in close collaboration with start-ups & companies in order to submit appropriate investment proposals to you. 


Assets that can be used as fast international trading currencies or as a representative value of the Blockchain's technological evolution.


Projects in the embryonic stages that seek to raise funds to be considered as soon as possible as crypto-currencies, utility tokens or security tokens. New form of crowdfunding 2.0.


Security Token Offerings represent the evolution of ICOs. They are governed by the standards of U.S. financial laws issued by the SEC,
and represent a form of asset that changes with less significant price fluctuations than the market as a whole.

Utility Token

Crypto-active specialized in the creation of a blockchain specialized in a type of market (decentralized applications, video games on blockchain, traceability of consumer goods (Nestlé)). Its aim is to make the tools (smart contracts) it offers evolve as best as possible.

Stable coin

These assets are based on the valuation of current national currencies. They allow you to transfer money to the other side of the world in a fraction of a second without having to wait long periods of time or high bank charges.


Companies specialized in the computer and technology sector
such as Microsoft, Windows or IBM Technologies.

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